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FIR Capital, as manager of investment funds in venture capital and committed to its responsibilities with investors, its managed funds, and with the market in general, has focused on two main objectives: to promote significant returns to investors and to help developing the successful businesses of the future.

Since the beginning of its activities, the performance of FIR Capital has been based on the pillars of transparency, ethics and responsibility. These values, coupled with the adoption of best Corporate Governance practices, reinforce FIR Capital’s reputation for competence and excellence in the Brazilian Venture Capital Market.

In this context, FIR Capital, according to its mission and its commitment to people, investors, entrepreneurs and partners, is increasingly concerning to implement the Principles for Responsible Investment in all funds under its management as well as in their portfolio companies. We believe that these actions produce positive effects, not only for our image, but embody our values and our practices, creating more satisfactory long term results.

Based on these values and on the growing concern of all about sustainable development in its economic aspects, social and environmental issues, in November of 2009, FIR Capital became a signatory to the PRI "Principles for Responsible Investment”. This initiative, promoted by two United Nation’s agencies: the UN Global Compact and the UNEP Financial Initiative, consolidated the values that have governed the working philosophy of FIR Capital.

By joining the PRI, FIR Capital reiterated its belief that companies which consider the good practices of Corporate Governance, Social and Environmental aspects in their decisions, are best positioned for better performance. FIR Capital believes that it is necessary to combine economic returns with principles of environmental responsibility, and therefore, committed itself to incorporate and to implement the Principles of the PRI in all areas of its activities and responsibilities, including: Corporate Governance, Investor Relations, Analysis of Investments, Relation with the Portfolio Companies, and others.

Last Update on June 08, 2010
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